Doesn’t work at all

Tried mutliple times to uninstall and reinstall but Incoggo isn’t working. Is there a known conflict with other networking apps like AdGuard or Little Snitch? If not, I have no idea why things aren’t working.

@twingeofrergret Ah sorry to hear you’re having issues! But yes, there are compatibility issues with running AdGuard and Little Snitch at the same time as Incoggo, see this article (just made a few updates to clarify a bit better): Are any applications incompatible with Incoggo?.

If this is a big problem for you, we recommend using Incoggo’s pause functionality (accessible from the dropdown menu), then unpausing Incoggo (make sure AdGuard / Little Snitch both have filtering paused first), when / as you need it. When Incoggo is paused, it barely uses any system resources whatsoever (even when running, it’s very efficient, but when paused CPU is typically ~0.1, memory 15 MB on my system).

Came in to say it’s not working for me either. I have LittleSnitch installed, with filtering paused, and with pausing/unpausing and restarting Incogg, it still doesn’t work

FYI, resource footprint isn’t my concern. Security is. Installing a rogue trusted cert is a tall ask

@guest123 Sorry to hear Incoggo’s not working for you!
If you pause filtering on Little Snitch, Incoggo should be able to work correctly - can you confirm that system proxy settings are being set correctly after restarting the application?

(System Preferences → Network → Advanced → Proxies)

If they’re being set correctly, it should look similar to:

Also, if you shoot me a DM with your info, happy set up a Zoom call at your convenience to try to debug!