Help! I uninstalled Incoggo, but I can't access the Internet any more!

Some users have experienced issues accessing the Internet after installing, then attempting to uninstall Incoggo.

This most commonly occurs after a successful install, when a user moves the .app directly to Trash without first quitting, pausing, or running the uninstall tool.

Simply, these issues occur because system proxy settings are still in place.

While the application is still installed, first using the quit button, any of the pause buttons, or running the uninstall tool will make it safe to move the .app directly to Trash. See these posts for further instructions:

Alternatively, if you’ve already moved Incoggo to Trash without doing any of the above, you can easily resolve this issue directly via the System Preferences > Network > Advanced > Proxy menu by simply unchecking the boxes for Web Proxy and Secure Web Proxy as seen below.


Screen Shot 2022-01-17 at 11.10.44 AM

After the proxy setting boxes are unchecked. Save and close the panel in System Preferences. The issue should be immediately resolved!