How is Block Ads better than other adblockers?

There are 4 main ways Block Ads is better than other adblockers or similar apps you may have used:

Speed. Block Ads, simply, is the fastest adblocker on the market. It’s blazing fast :fire: In our speed tests, Block Ads increased page load speeds up to 20x vs. ‘naked’ Chrome, and 2x vs Chrome with uBlock Origin.

Bandwidth. By blocking ads before they are downloaded, Block Ads helps those on data caps save precious bandwidth. This also improves network performance and makes browsing feel much, much faster.

Coverage. Unlike other adblockers, Block Ads works everywhere. Block Ads automatically works across all your browsers and desktop apps. This even includes incognito / private browsing modes and your desktop mail application.

Easy to use. Unlike Pi-Hole, Block Ads is incredibly easy to set-up and use. Just install Incoggo, enable the app, and you’re good to go. Block Ads is also portable — it works everywhere you are — not just on your home network.