How to uninstall the Incoggo APP in a proper way?

The Incoggo APP is blocking my Macupdater App and my Roboform Sync.
Therefore I have to uninstall it again.
What is the proper way please?

Ah thanks for letting us know!

Just checked – the issues with Macupdater & Roboform are on our end; I’ll fix in the next release (likely out next week) and update here once they’re baked in!

UPDATE: Looked into this issue – fixed the issue with MacUpdater!; the Roboform extension works well with Incoggo, the Roboform desktop app I was unable to fix, I’ve added it to the list of incompatible applications (good to note Roboform desktop does not work when ANY system proxy or VPN is active, it’s not an issue specific to Incoggo).

Appreciate the patience :pray: