I accidentally clicked 'Cancel' on the password prompt after launching 'incoggo_install_rescue', now it's gone from my Desktop - what do I do?

If something goes wrong during your installation of Incoggo and you end up having to launch incoggo_install_rescue from your Desktop, it’s important that you complete all prompts correctly – the program is designed to be a ‘single-shot’ program – it will delete itself from your Desktop after running once (that’s expected behavior).

If you accidentally click Cancel on the security password prompt while the rescue program is running, Incoggo will fail to launch properly (the install will be broken). The solution to this is to uninstall Incoggo following the instructions here: How do I uninstall Incoggo?, then to start the install process over again. Instructions on how to install Incoggo normally can be found here: How do I install Incoggo?