The Block Ads app doesn't block ads on X site - why?

Currently the Block Ads app blocks ads via host-based blocking methods (functionally it’s a bit similar to a Pi-Hole). This means that Block Ads does not currently filter HTML content .

In some cases, just blocking the host will be enough to prevent the ad from loading completely; in other cases you’ll be left with an ad that is ‘blocked’ but not ‘removed’. In other cases still (like with Google Search Ads or YouTube ads), this blocking method alone is not sufficient to block the ad.

We’re currently in the process of adding in HTML content filtering to Block Ads, so stay tuned for future updates on this!

You may also want to check that you do not have any other proxies, VPNs, or VPN / proxy browser extensions running at the same time as Incoggo. Even if not running, some VPN browser extensions have been known to cause issues with Incoggo filtering if they are still ‘enabled’.