The Block Paywalls app didn't unlock X article - why? What do I do?

Sometimes, you may encounter edge cases while using Block Paywalls where an article is not unlocked immediately. In this event, there are a few things you can try:

  • Check if you’re reading a supported publication. Block Paywalls maintains a list of supported publications here: What publications are supported by the Block Paywalls app?
  • Refresh the page - simply reloading the page will fix the issue in the majority of cases (assuming you’re reading a supported publication). This has to do with weirdness surrounding browser resource caching, but is nothing to worry about. We also recommend trying to do a ‘hard-refresh’ (Shift+Command+R on Chrome and Firefox; option+Command+E on Safari) if a normal refresh doesn’t work.
  • Try a different browser. There are minor differences between browsers, so if the first browser you try isn’t working, we recommend picking another (we typically recommend you use either Chrome, Firefox, or Safari for best results with Incoggo).
  • Ensure that you do not have any other proxies, VPNs, or VPN / proxy browser extensions running at the same time as Incoggo. Even if not running, some VPN browser extensions have been known to cause issues with Incoggo filtering if they are still ‘enabled’.

If none of the above work and you’re still having issues, we’d really appreciate it if you file a bug report with us here. We’ll do our best to address the issue and respond to you promptly!
Raw link (bug report):