What's the future look like for Incoggo?

There are a few key milestones coming up on our roadmap:

  • Incoggo Apps v2
    • We want our existing slate of apps to be super-amazing, so first up, we’ll be working on improving + polishing these. There may also be a few new apps on the way… so y’know… stay tuned for updates :wink:
  • Incoggo Pro
    • We’ll be launching a paid subscription service. This will include a few premium apps, as well as advanced privacy-protecting features. More details to come…
  • Incoggo for Windows
    • It’s been in the works for a while, but it’s coming in hot :fire: Incoggo for Windows should be available in the near future…

For updates on when these new features + apps become available, those on our mailing list / Windows waitlist will be the first to know. You can sign up for updates here.