Why can't I use Incoggo and a VPN or Proxy at the same time?

Incoggo is a special kind of ‘local proxy’. This means Incoggo functions similarly to any other proxy or VPN service, except that it runs entirely on your device. A limitation of this (with Incoggo’s current implementation) is that you unfortunately can’t connect to both Incoggo and another VPN or proxy service at the same time. Attempting to do so may cause unexpected system behavior (though closing both apps and restarting one or the other will typically resolve all such problems – and restarting your computer definitely will fix them in the worst case).

If you want to use a VPN or another proxy while Incoggo is installed, we recommend clicking the Pause Indefinitely button in Incoggo’s drop-down menu before running the other VPN or proxy, then closing the other application completely and clicking Reactivate Incoggo once you’re finished.

We’re currently working on a fix for this, so please join our mailing list at incoggo.com to stay tuned for future update announcements!

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