Why is Incoggo a desktop app (and not a browser extension)?

Incoggo is a desktop application (and not a browser extension) for a few key reasons:

TL;DR: with a desktop app, we can block / unblock things browser extensions can’t, have multiple apps within the platform, support Safari users, and provide a much better user experience overall.

  1. Incoggo uses advanced filtering techniques that go beyond the capabilities of those enabled by the Chromium / Firefox Manifest v2 & v3 APIs (e.g. response body modification).

  2. Taking the desktop-app approach allows Incoggo to work well across all browsers, not just one or two. This is particularly important with regard to Safari, whose extension APIs make an application like Incoggo outright impossible (to say nothing of the difficulties related to listing in the App Store).

  3. Google does not allow applications that have ‘multiple functions’ to be listed in their Chrome Web Store (i.e. we could only have one app, instead of several).

  4. Incoggo dynamically loads unblocking scripts from our CDN, something that’s impossible to do with the Manifest v3 extension API. (If we built for the Manifest v2 spec, we’d be building on an API that’s bound to be EOL’d soon).

There are other reasons that Incoggo exists as a desktop-app (vs. as a browser extension), but hopefully these help provide some insight into our thought process!