X application doesn't work after installing Incoggo / while Incoggo is running, what do I do?

If an application (outside of Incoggo / an Incoggo app) is acting weird (not loading properly, showing an error (especially a ‘certificate’ error – see image below for an example), or similar), first, try restarting the application. If that doesn’t work, then try pausing Incoggo (see this article: How do I pause Incoggo?) and restart the application again.

If the issue is resolved by restarting the application, it’s likely an issue related to the application’s caching functionality. If the issue persists after pausing Incoggo, it’s not an issue related to Incoggo. If the issue is resolved by pausing Incoggo, it may be a bug with the Incoggo application, and we’d greatly appreciate it if you’d let us know by filing a bug report here.

Raw link (for bug report): https://forms.gle/o27wNqh6jdwvQE6M7